Cretan blog up and running!

Hello (Yia sas!) Melanie and Richard here in Hania, Crete. We are finally blogging and have so much catching up to do. We’ll start with some photos and post a little more each week. Enjoy!

A typical Greek “kafenio” where the Greek men (and an occasional woman) hang out in the afternoon and tell stories, argue politics and converse (loudly) over a bottle of raki.

This is a typical street in the Old Harbor section of the town of Hania. The merchants sell their wares such as olive oil, wine, leather goods, clothing, knives, artwork and lots of souvenir trinkets.

The Cretan hills are harsh and forboding, accented by sheer cliffs and deep gorges. But the thousands of olive groves that dot the landscape in the shadows of the mountains are proof that the fertile soil produces abundant agricultural crops.

The Aegean sea is the color of liquid jade. It’s unbelievably clear and warm – perfect for a relaxing swim!


About Melanie A Crane

Quote: "The best journeys ask questions that in the beginning you never thought to ask." (Anon) Here's my journey: Enjoying my short life on this earth one moment at a time by being intentional with God, family, traveling, cooking, gardening, Colorado living and all the perks that come with it, playing guitar, listening more and talking less. I've discovered that both cooking and travel can be messy at times but the risks can have some amazing results. The same goes for life lived with passion.
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5 Responses to Cretan blog up and running!

  1. MMM hellooo. I do like the pics so far. The color is good. What kind of camera do you all have. We will keep watching for more.

  2. Such a cool way to stay in touch! I love it! Sounds like you are having a blast! How long will you be in Crete? We've stayed in Santorini before and would love to move there.Wishing you all the best!Julie and Chris Sharber

  3. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Miss you and love your letters. I could not open the computer not yours so this blog is wonderful. Photos are great..keep em coming. I envy you the excercise of hiking and exploring. Looks warm still, too. We've had a cold beginning to winter. Megan graduates this May. Scot and I are doing well. House is on the market…only one showing so far. I believe we are in for the long haul. Blessings, Scot and Evie Tilley

  4. Corinne says:

    I'm really glad you guys are ebjoying it there, it looks so beautiful! I am so hapy I got to see you on Christmas eve :)Corinne

  5. wulidan says:

    It is my pleasure to read your article! What a vivid photo it is! Thank you for sharing! good luck!

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