Rethymno, Crete

Rethymno lighthouse

In February, we decided to check out another quaint port town just east of Chania about 45 minutes drive.  Although smaller than Chania, Rethymno has much of the same history with Minoan, Hellenistic, Roman, Venetian and Turkish influences.   It flourished under Venetian rule and many of the town’s most charming attractions are from that era.  The imposing Venetian fortress that overlooks the sea on one side and the city on the other is one of the largest Venetian castles ever built (1573).

Venetian Fortress

Venetian fortress

A walk through the back streets of Rethymno’s old town reveals many pieces of its interesting past including Venetian and Turkish inspired architecture.

Rethymno back street

Venetian architectural influence

Turkish mosque

The Rimondi public fountain was a gift from one of Rethymno’s patrician families on the site of an earlier Roman water source.  It still flows with clear, drinkable water.

Rimondi Fountain

We decided to treat ourselves for Valentine’s Day and found a gem of a place to stay at a significantly discounted off-season price.   “Avli” is located in old town Rethymno in a restored Venetian villa complete with a garden courtyard and is renown for their extensive wine enoteca and culinary excellence as well as luxurious suites.

Valentine's dinner at Avli Restaurant

It was a perfect weekend even with the malfunctioning bathtub jacuzzi jet that was so powerful that when I turned it on, it shot out of the tub, out the open door of the bathroom and into the bedroom soaking not only the floor but one whole side of the bed where Richard was lounging reading a book.  In my panic (and far-sightedness) I couldn’t find the right button to turn it off.  After a few moments of fire-hose hysteria,  I found the off button, we cleaned up the mess and I finally jumped into a hot (but bubbleless) tub.  Funny…now.  Good times!

Rethymno Photos




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One Response to Rethymno, Crete

  1. Matt says:

    Hi guys! Looks like you’re still busy tracking around the island. We definitely miss Crete and the Cranes especially! We did get the train game, though – couldn’t make up my mind so I got both the USA and the Europe versions. Now we’re just waiting for you to come visit so we can play! =)

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