Three villages: Margarites, Argiroupolis, Lappa

Some weekends we wake up and we both have the itch to explore more of the island in “short trip” style.  So, we set our sights on destinations within an 8 hour day roundtrip allowing enough time for the typical long Greek lunch.  “Where should we explore today?” – the million dollar question.  One Saturday in May we set off with two other friends to check out three mountain villages:  Margarites, famous for its pottery, Argiroupolis, famous for its springs, and Lappa, famous for its ancient necropolis and avocado products.

Vera, Richard and Katerina at Constaninos' Pottery shop

First stop…Margarites.  Our personal favorite shop is Keramion, owned by the potter, George Dalamvelas, whose expert touch and dedication to tradition merges to produce some of the most interesting pottery in the area.  George and his family also provide visitors with demonstrations and classes in local ceramic art.  Much of his art includes reproductive pieces fashioned after archeological finds dating back to the Minoan period.  Everything – from the beautiful to the functional to the just plain whimsical – can be found in his neat little workshop.

George at work

Every Greek village has an interesting variety of photo ops:

Freesia flowers

Taverna water features

After we’d purchased more than we could comfortably carry, we headed out to Argiroupolis for lunch by the water.

waterfall in taverna

The area of Argiroupolis is a good example of the diversity of ecosystems in Crete.  Most of the island is typical of the dry, Meditterenean terrain.  But Argiroupolis is in a spectacular wooded setting where water from the hill above gushes in every direction cascading down into creeks and waterfalls.  The tavernas have all incorporated the abundance of water into their landscaping and the sound is so loud that it’s sometimes hard to hear one another over lunch.

Lunch at Vieux Moulin, Argiroupolis

There is an abundance of vegetation including giant chestnut and plane trees as well as banana plants.

Banana plant blossom

And of course, there are the fish, which you are invited to pick out for your dinner.

Catfish tank

After an abundant lunch, we finished our day in the village of Lappa.  The ancient Dorian city has been excavated to reveal a wealth of grave goods (200-300 b.c.), Roman mosaic flooring, and a 17th century Venetian church.

Chapel in Lappa

Village gate

Interesting story…Lappa fiercely opposed the Roman invasion in 67 B.C. and was destroyed.  But when it came to the aid of Roman emperor, Octavian-Augustus’ struggle against Antony for control of the Roman world, the victorious emperor rebuilt Lappa and gifted them with a water reservoir in 27 B.C. that STILL supplies the village today.

At the end of the day, we were a little fatter, a little poorer, a little tired and a lot satisfied with the rich experience of exploring internal Crete.

Nasturtiam flowers going wild


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28 Responses to Three villages: Margarites, Argiroupolis, Lappa

  1. Gorgeous pics! Makes me want to visit there someday!~

    • John says:

      Hey thats really nice! I will be in Crete with my family in September and based in Rethymno. I will hire a car and have TomTom gps on iphone to take me around 🙂
      The above program is one of the things we want to do. However funnily enough I am having difficulties in locating Lappa.
      Can anyone send the coordinates please?
      my email address is

      Thanks in advance and hope you all enjoy your holidays as much as I do 🙂

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! And congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  3. Um. WOW! I love the colors — especially the doors.

    Incredibly fun photos…


  4. rgoldfarb says:

    I LOVE this post! When I was in Greece I spent most of my time in Athens and only did a one day boat tour of a few islands…not nearly enough time to do such exploring. My parents raised me to be a traveler and an explorer, so I can totally relate to the “Where should we explore today” question? When I’ve asked myself that question that is usually when I have the most interesting experiences of the trip. Can’t wait to read your other posts, especially the one about Venice (dying to go back before it sinks! ;)) I just started my blog but plan on posting about different travels both foreign and domestic:

  5. natuurfreak says:

    Wooow i like your photos a lot.Nice places and super colors.Thanks for sharing it with me

  6. Harold says:

    An amazing island, thanks! Congrats on being FP!

  7. Beautiful photos, makes me want to book a ticket.

  8. I just got back from an incredible year of teaching English in Thessaloniki, and traveling all around the country. Greece will always be home to me and I’m so happy to hear that you too are enjoying your travels. Drink some raki for me! Στην υγειά μας!

  9. Renee says:

    Beautiful pics and great exploring – looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on being FB.

  10. Hiit says:

    Amazing photos!! I love the one with waterfall..

  11. jule1 says:

    Great pics. Wonderful story of your day. Felt like I’d been there.

  12. amazing trip i wish i could explore like you 🙂 and Lappa sounds really interesting .

  13. Eva McCane says:

    loves amazing! i hope to visit someday. thanks for sharing!

  14. cpmondello says:

    beautiful pictures….. thanks

  15. George Field says:

    Love the pics! Keep them coming!

  16. DanEastSide says:

    cool post, and nice pic’s.

  17. mkeeffer says:

    A location with beauty beyond belief – looks like an ideal travel location! Glad you got Pressed!

  18. incessantme says:

    Lovely snaps and lovely colors !!! Congrats on being FP 🙂 Cheers !!

  19. I can feel the ‘timelessness’ of time in your photos, smell the aromas and hear the sounds.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  20. naresh kumar says:

    nice place.

  21. CONIEFOX says:

    Wow! very beautiful house! i like the style and the yard. thanks for sharing!

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  23. icedawan says:

    Really beautiful and peaceful villages. It’s very hard to link it with the striking in Greek.

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