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Peddling the Peloponnese – Hilltop fortresses and vineyard valleys

The Peloponnese is a leaf shaped peninsula hanging off the southwest coast of mainland Greece and is famous not only for many archeological remnants of a history that rivals Crete’s Minoan ages, but for its natural beauty from mountain tops … Continue reading

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Beyond the beach – Winter in Crete

A vacation on an island?  In the Mediterranean?  In the winter??  Yes, yes, and YES.  Although it’s probably not for you if you just want to lie on a hot beach or lounge by a swimming pool the whole time.  … Continue reading

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Orange you glad it’s winter?

Knock, knock…Here comes winter… There’s nothing but goodness about winter in Crete when the citris trees bear fruit, their branches heavy with juicy oranges, sweet mandarines and fragrant lemons.  An afternoon in the orchards is just another way to enjoy … Continue reading

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Savoring the sweet moments

South of Heraklion (the capital city of Crete) there is a beautiful stretch of agricultural land  mostly known for its numerous and prolific vineyards.  This is the saddle of Crete’s wine country and its scenic beauty along quiet meandering roads … Continue reading

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The greeting “καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!” is music to my ears.  “Kalo” means “good” or “nice” and the second word is a run-on word that combines names of two days of the week – saturday (sabbato) and sunday (kiriako.)  Perfect… “Have a good … Continue reading

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Winter Survival Kit

We are going into our fourth year of living here in western Crete with really no promising opportunities on the horizon for a job to return to in the States.  When I realized we were going to be on this … Continue reading

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Three Bike Treks and a Stack of Belgium Waffles (or screaming legs and killer views)

March 12, 2012 email:  “OK road warriors, I have 6 people who have confirmed riding up to Omalos this Saturday.  Jenn, Gio, Jimmy, Mel, Cameron, Andy and myself.  Lets plan on 10:00 at Alikianos, 8:30 for waffles at my house, … Continue reading

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At Kapsaliana village, “The olive culture is one of the focal points with emphasis on its symbolism, its importance in religions, its role in Cretan life, diet and art.”    ( What started out as an anniversary get-away in November, … Continue reading

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Epic Biking on Crete

“OK, the ride is upon us!  0800 Starbucks, Chania port.  Leave at 0830 after a jolt of espresso.  Weather looks to be STELLAR!! 20 degrees C, 68 degree Fahrenheit for our US friends – at the Port.  When we leave … Continue reading

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Villa Kerasia – A home away from home

Thanks to our friends Sharon and Don, we were introduced to what they affectionately describe as “a beautiful haven in the mountains run by the sweetest man on the island – Babis”.  Babis lovingly restored this old villa dated 1883 … Continue reading

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