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Quote: "The best journeys ask questions that in the beginning you never thought to ask." (Anon) Here's my journey: Enjoying my short life on this earth one moment at a time by being intentional with God, family, traveling, cooking, gardening, Colorado living and all the perks that come with it, playing guitar, listening more and talking less. I've discovered that both cooking and travel can be messy at times but the risks can have some amazing results. The same goes for life lived with passion.

The Critters of Crete

  One of my favorite rainy/snowy day activities is perusing through my thousands of photos and organizing them into little folders (A touch of OCD, I know, but well worth the journey.)  Some of the pictures I took of the … Continue reading

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Cretan Chronicles Continues!

Hello, fellow travelers!  I’m happy to announce that Crete is very much still on this traveler’s radar.  So much so, in fact, that we have been back to our old island stomping grounds three times in the past five years … Continue reading

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We’ve Moved!

Hello again, all you Cretan Chronicle followers.  We’re back in Colorado and I’m happy to announce my new website:  See you there!  

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Farewell to Cretan Chronicles

It seems appropriate that my 100th blog for Cretan Chronicles is also my last. Even as I write this, we have departed the island and are journeying across America to our home in Evergreen, Colorado.           … Continue reading

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The carpenter, the cobbler and the Greek barista

As I look back on the five years we’ve lived here, I realize that this comfortable feeling I have is because I’m settled in here and have allowed this place to get under my skin.  This feels like a home … Continue reading

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Our Italian Encore

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”–Giuseppe Verdi (Italian composer)   LAKE COMO, ITALY The clock is ticking and as we anticipated our departure date of July 31st from Crete, we decided to squeeze in one more … Continue reading

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Peddling the Peloponnese – Hilltop fortresses and vineyard valleys

The Peloponnese is a leaf shaped peninsula hanging off the southwest coast of mainland Greece and is famous not only for many archeological remnants of a history that rivals Crete’s Minoan ages, but for its natural beauty from mountain tops … Continue reading

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The deep stuff of life

  The months of March and April flew by in a whirl of nightmarish activity.  I really debated as to whether or not share the last two months on my blog.  I mean, this is really close to my heart … Continue reading

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Beyond the beach – Winter in Crete

A vacation on an island?  In the Mediterranean?  In the winter??  Yes, yes, and YES.  Although it’s probably not for you if you just want to lie on a hot beach or lounge by a swimming pool the whole time.  … Continue reading

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By all means, when you come to Greece, go to Athens. The Acropolis and its state-of-the-art museum is a must-see.  Walk the old Plaka area, visit the quaint and quirky shops and indulge in the excellent cuisine.  That should take … Continue reading

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